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The Best in Quality Roofing? We Nailed It.
At Clyde Nettles, we stand behind our craftsmanship. We believe if you pay for a roof for your home or business, you should be getting top quality – and piece of mind for years to come. Being a locally owned and family operated company since 1950, we take pride in treating our clients like family and provide them the work they deserve. In addition to our 68+ plus years of experience, here's one more way we make sure our roofs are BETTER:
Clyde Nettles Uses Only Hot Dipped Galvanized Roofing Nails
These hot dipped galvanized nails are STANDARD ISSUE on all of our roof replacements. These nails have proven to hold up to rain, moisture and rust for years after installation. Using a higher quality nail means your roof will last a lot longer. This is just one of the ways we reinforce our quality craftsmanship and stand behind our work.
Compare to:
Electrogalvanized Roofing Nails (most other roofing companies) Commonly used by other roofing companies…