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Outdoor Christmas Decorations – All You Need To Know!

It’s that time of year again! Before Thanksgiving leftovers disappear, people all over are already decorating their home for Christmas. If you’re like many of the friends we know, there is nothing more satisfying than having one of the best holiday light displays in the entire neighborhood. These elaborate outdoor creations almost always include lights, inflatables and more on the side of your house or roof. Clyde Nettles has been safely navigating on top of roofs all over the state for 70 years – so please take some pointers from us and be as safe as possible this season while making your home a fantastic holiday display! 1. Be Cautious of Weather Conditions Do not attempt to hang any lights/decorations when snow, ice or wet weather conditions exist. We do realize we’re in the south, so snow and ice are highly unlikely. But rain is always possible, and wet roof shingles can be very dangerous especially on steep-pitched roofs. Not to mention it's never safe to be plugging electroni