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Does Your Roof Need To Be Inspected? Here's How To Tell

Keeping Your Home Safe And Protected From The Elements Begins With Roofing Maintenance “What? Roof maintenance,” you may ask. YES. Even though roofs typically are guaranteed to last for years and years, you still need to contact Clyde Nettles for regular roofing inspections to keep the quality of your roof up and solve any small problems before they become big problems. When you should have your roof inspected depends on several key factors  Obviously, there are the visible signs: • missing/displaced shingles • leaking roof • spot/stains on your interior ceiling • visible storm damage (limbs, hail, etc) • overall condition of your shingles Beyond the visible signs, you also need to take into consideration the age of the roof and any recent conditions that it has been through. High heat, hail, massive rainfall... these do not necessarily have to show visible signs of distress, but can severely impact the lifetime of your shingles. Missing Shingles on a home after a storm. What Clyde Ne