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Fall Leaves: Beautiful Everywhere Except On Your Roof!

Fall - what a wonderful time of the year!  Football is back in action, the summer heat subsides and the foliage starts turning amazing colors. If you've ever wondered what causes this event in nature, check out this article on how leaves stop their food-making process and the chlorophyll breaks down (for all you science-lovers). For the rest of us, we can just revel in the beauty of it all. However, being South Carolina's most trusted roofing company since 1950, we do need to make sure you enjoy those leaves on the trees or in the yard - versus piling up on your shingled roof. Leaves on your roof – not good. Leaves can clog your gutters, clump up against chimneys, and form piles in tight corners on your roof. And leaves are organic. Organic material decomposes and also retains water and moisture. As more and more leaves begin to pile on top of other decomposing leaves, they will collect even more moisture.  Your roof is designed to repel water, but asphalt shingles are not de