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SC Emergency Response / Shelters: Stay Safe During Storms & Tornados!

South Carolina is bracing for some terrible storms on Thursday, March 18 2021. Everyone at Clyde Nettles Roofing wants to make sure you stay safe and prepare for the worst. Here are the facts: A line of strong to severe storms will be ongoing early Thursday morning from around the Appalachians to portions of Georgia, eastern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. These storms might pose a risk of damaging wind gusts and embedded tornadoes. This risk of severe weather will spread as far east as the central and eastern Carolinas in the early evening! Some of the identified cities that can see damaging storms are Columbia & Charleston. Here are some important facts & links that can keep you and your family safe & prepared: Quick Tips:  Preparation: Those who do best in bad situations are those who prepare.  Your smartphone can be an extremely useful tool in emergencies. Download the SC Emergency Manager App to stay connected to loved ones, know your emergency shelters are and eas

Springtime Tips To Keep Your Roof In Top Shape!

Hello Spring! After a full year of dealing with the pandemic, plus an unusually long and cold winter – we are all itching to get out and enjoy this warm weather and the beginning of (finally) springtime! While many of you are firing up the lawn equipment or buying plants and flowers , we do want to stress that you do need to pay your roof a little bit of attention. After a long winter of rain, leaves, and recently even some crazy storms, you absolutely should take a few hours one day to carefully examine your roof and take care of the following items, so your home can be protected for the rest of the year and beyond! 1. Clean out your gutters Leaves, sticks and other debris can be clogging up eavestroughs and downspouts , which are specifically put in place to safely run water off your roof and away from your house. Make sure you check all gutters, and safely clean them out if they have debris built up. Just a one-time clearing out of winter gunk and your gutters should be fully prepar