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2019 Hurricane Season: Predictions & Preparedness Tips!

Every Summer & Fall, we can all look forward to vacations, football season, a new school year and more. However one thing we don't look forward to, is another devastating hurricane season. All of us at Clyde Nettles want to keep you well informed, so you can remain prepared and safe heading into the 2019 hurricane season. Check out the predictions and preparedness tips below! Hurricane Season: Quick Facts The season goes from June 1st through November 30th  Areas included: Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea Hurricanes are rated 1-5 depending on the intensity of sustained winds Category 3 or higher is considered a major hurricane with a potential for a large amount of damage (wind gusts in excess of 110 mph) Hurricanes are named from six rotating lists updated by the World Meteorological Organization. Storm names are retired only when they are particularly deadly or costly. Know the difference between a 'WATCH' and a 'WARNING' A

The Roof Is On Fire!! (Fireworks and how to be careful this July 4th!)

“The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire!” Please don’t let your Independence Day activities end up with you singing this popular 90's dance song. Fireworks are a fabulous way of celebrating Independence Day, and we all know that children love seeing them. However they can be a very dangerous liability to your roof and home. If you plan on setting off any airborne fireworks this July 4th, please keep a few things in mind: Many times, when fireworks “land” they are still burning. Asphalt shingles may help protect your roof, but not if they are older, possibly damaged or missing (think about the recent storms) Under the asphalt shingles, lies very flammable felt paper and wooden framework And last but not least, fireworks can sometimes go awry and not go in the direction they were pointed to at all Don’t worry though; you can certainly take precautions. Here are some suggestions to keep your roof safe: Inspect your roof prior to July 4th hazards (and repair an