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Common Roof Problems: Know What To Look For!

We just got called out to a friend’s house (this rain has been brutal) because he noticed a stain in his kitchen ceiling. His roof (not our work, he bought a new construction home 15 years ago), appeared to be in good shape still. No visible missing shingles, no limbs, holes, flashing issues, etc. So, what could be the problem? Well, truth be told, there are MANY problems you can encounter with a roof, especially one installed with poor quality and cheaper supplies. So BEFORE we tell you what his common problem was, let’s go over ALL of the common issues you may encounter over the lifespan of your roof (don’t worry, we’ll tell you about our friend’s roof at the end).  Common Roofing Problems: 1. Cracked and blistering shingles Cracked shingles are a result of extreme temperatures drying out the asphalt in your shingles. This is usually a normal aging process of most roofs and shouldn’t be a major issue unless it leads to tears or splits in shingles. This photo