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The Great Roofing Debate: Metal or Shingles? What You Need To Know About Metal Roofs

At Clyde Nettles , we get a lot of customers inquiring about metal roofs . Years ago, metal roofs seemed to be the way to go for longevity and durability. But with the technological advancements of shingles over the last 25 years, metal roofs are not always the most cost-effective way to protect your home. And while we absolutely do install metal roofs (as well as shingles), we believe you should have all of the necessary information to determine if this is the best route for your next roof replacement . If you are considering a metal roof, we outline all of the items you will need to consider below. 1. Metal Roofs: Different Types of Installation Metal roofs basically fall into two different categories: installed with screws/ neoprene washers /exposed fasteners or standing seam where clips/fasteners cover the next sheet of metal. The standing seam is more expensive, as it takes more labor to install. The exposed fastener system may eventually wear out or fail in as little a