3 Ways Extreme Heat Can Damage Your Roof!

South Carolina Residents: It's HOT. As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, we are expected to hit high temperatures that will match or break records dating as far back as the inception of our own company, 1950. 

And it's only May. Let that sink in.

We’ve still got June, July, August and most of September to endure sweltering heat, humidity, and scorching sunshine. While you’re (hopefully) sitting inside in the AC, or on the lake enjoying the summer, remember that your roof is taking the full force blunt trauma known as “Summertime in South Carolina.”

Now that we’ve got that warning over with, let’s take a look at the three main ways this heat can lead to damaged roofs. We want to make sure you’re informed about how to make the right decisions about your most valuable investment: your home.

1. Flashing
Flashing is the roofing around the chimney, pipes or vents that protrude from your roof. In the summer, hot temperatures can cause wood roof rafters, roofing joists and roof decking to expand. Support beams that expand can also cause roof flashing sealant to stretch and break. Damaged flashing allows water to seep into your home, which can lead to mold and mildew problems.

2. Shingle Damage
Extreme heat can shrink shingles, cause the nails that hold the shingles in place to pop up. Nails that raise up can cause blisters in the shingles, which will cause your shingles to lift. If you have a professional roofer check your roof and find that shingles are raised, it may be necessary to replace part or all of your roof.

3. Improperly Vented Attics
This one always surprises people. Heat from the sun isn’t your roof’s only enemy. Heat can build up tremendously in attics and overhead crawl spaces. If those areas of your home aren’t properly vented, excessive heat can cause blisters and cracks in asphalt roofing shingles (especially on newer roofs). Widespread blisters may cause you to have to re-shingle the roof much sooner than expected.

If you have any questions, or would like for one of our highly qualified technicians to inspect your roof, contact us today. We have built a reputation for being honest and providing the entire state of South Carolina with quality craftsmanship since 1950.

We are South Carolina’s most trusted roofing company. We are Clyde Nettles.


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