Why You Should Absolutely Compare Estimates; Your Home is Counting On It

There’s Way More to Look at On a New Roof Quote than just the Price.

We know there are a lot of roofing companies out there, way more than there were when we started in this business back in 1950. However, just because there are more companies that provide similar service, it doesn’t mean the quality of the work is the same.

Let’s break down some of the misconceptions about roofing in 2019, and we’ll tell you why each of them are very important:

1. A new roof quote is basically the same no matter who it comes from, right? 
You’ve heard the old comparison line, “apples to oranges.” But did you know this also applies to your new roof quote? There can be underlying problems that many roofing companies won’t point out, they use cheaper materials (more on this below) and are less concerned about the lifetime of your roof and more concerned about finishing it and moving on to the next job. They rely on quantity of jobs not quality.

At Clyde Nettles, we’ve been building our clientele list since 1950. Many of our customers now are return clients that we’ve done quality work for years ago. We establish this trust by performing each and every job to highest standard of quality. We use better materials and also inspect roofs for underlying issues beneath the shingles.

We are proactive and address/correct issues as we encounter them. This photo below shows Warren Keisler creating a custom-fitted piece of copper to deal with a very unique angle/runoff of a home in Lexington so the homeowner wouldn’t have future issues with water runoff/leaking.

2. All new roofs come with the same warranty, right?
While some shingles do come with standard limited warranties, many do not offer the same coverage protection that is offered with Atlas shingles (our shingle of choice). The 50 year warranties of other shingles do not cover things like mold, mildew, strong winds, algae, etc. You can find out more information on Atlas warranties by clicking here. It is a superior product, and it extends the life and appearance of your roof for many years. Their Scotchgard™series warranties against algae, mold and mildew, the main components that streak older roofs and shorten their life expectancy.

3. The underlayment on all roofs is the same, right?
Many roofing companies are providing tight estimates to try and beat out the other roofers, so with thin margins they are using less expensive traditional felt underlayment. At Clyde Nettles, we use a quality synthetic underlayment on all roofs. This eliminates problems we’ve had with other generic felts being sensitive to moisture and sometimes wrinkling under the shingles. We also use the synthetic felt because Atlas extends their labor warranty an additional 5 years if used in conjunction with their shingles. Get more info on synthetic felt by clicking here.

4. All roofers use the same nails, right?

At Clyde Nettles, we only use hot dipped galvanized nails. Other roofers are using less expensive, zinc coated nails which tend to rust when exposed to moisture for an extended period of time. We’ve replaced many roofs where the nails have failed (heads rusted off) even though the shingles were still good. This problem tends to get worse the lower the slope on the roof. With construction companies booming, and homes being built as fast and as low-cost as possible (to the contractor), we believe this problem will only continue to get worse.

The difference in using quality products to protect your home.

The only reason there may be a difference in price compared to other quotes, is because we provide you with quality roofing materials to get the longest lasting roof possible. We simply ask you to compare the quotes and materials used when shopping for new roof quotes. We want to earn your business by providing you with a quality, long lasting product. This is why we stand behind our work 100%, and also why we’ve earned the reputation of being “South Carolina’s most trusted company since 1950!”

Use this quick punch list on how to compare roofing quotes:

  • Materials Matter. Pay close attention to the materials listed on each quote you receive and compare them.
  • Look past the numbers. Make sure your quote includes items like clean-up and debris removal. Keep in mind there may be other issues encountered and ask how the contractor will keep you informed.
  • Experience: what level are you being provided? Someone who has been in the business 5 years won’t have the same knowledge as someone with 30+ years experience. 
  • Warranties are not always the same. Ask for detailed information on your warranty, including work performed, shingle warranty, what is covered/not covered, etc.
  • Ask for references. Replacing a roof is large, costly project. Absolutely ask for references so the company who is providing you with this service comes highly recommended.
  • Customer service still matters. Do they show up on time? Do they make you feel comfortable that your home will be well protected? These are important things that can make a big difference.

Contact us today with any questions you may have, we’d be happy to answer them for you. Thanks for trusting us South Carolina, we look forward to continuing to serve you with the best roofing work in the State!



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