Does Your Roof Need To Be Inspected? Here's How To Tell

Keeping Your Home Safe And Protected From The Elements Begins With Roofing Maintenance

“What? Roof maintenance,” you may ask. YES.

Even though roofs typically are guaranteed to last for years and years, you still need to contact Clyde Nettles for regular roofing inspections to keep the quality of your roof up and solve any small problems before they become big problems.

When you should have your roof inspected depends on several key factors 

Obviously, there are the visible signs:
• missing/displaced shingles
• leaking roof
• spot/stains on your interior ceiling
• visible storm damage (limbs, hail, etc)
• overall condition of your shingles

Beyond the visible signs, you also need to take into consideration the age of the roof and any recent conditions that it has been through. High heat, hail, massive rainfall... these do not necessarily have to show visible signs of distress, but can severely impact the lifetime of your shingles.

Missing Shingles on a home after a storm.

What Clyde Nettles Staff Members Do During Inspections

1. Interior Inspection
We know exactly what to look for inside your home to determine if there are issues with your roof. We check all areas – especially the more common areas, which include chimneys, areas near vent pipes, skylights and more.

Ceiling stains like this always mean something is happening from above with your roof.

2. Exterior Inspection
We examine the exterior perimeter of the home and make notes of all the flashing, vents and chimneys. We also check all eaves for possible rot or water stains. Next, we climb up to the roof to check the overall construction of the structure and check the condition of the shingles. We are specifically looking for any shingles out of place, cracked, broken, missing, dented, or even cupped. (Cupped shingles may be a sign of poor venting in the home's attic space). We also check the quality of the granule coating on the shingles. Over the years, especially when exposed to high heat and extreme UV rays, they can break off and lessen the quality of the shingle and its ability to keep moisture out.

Warren Keisler, one of our long-term staff members, getting ready to inspect a roof.

Remember To Always Trust The Professionals

At Clyde Nettles, our amazing staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the roofing industry. To put it bluntly, “We've seen it all.” We know what to look for, we know the main areas of concern, and we know how to fix it. 

No Commission Means No Roof Unless YOU Need It

Our staff doesn't work on commission sales. We aren't trying to sell anyone a new roof they don't need, we are simply trying to establish a relationship of trust with our clients, so one day, when you do need a new roof, we will be the company you contact. This is how we’ve been in business for 70 years, and how we’ve built the proud reputation of being “South Carolina’s most trusted roofing company since 1950!”

Contact Clyde Nettles today for any of your roofing needs. Thanks for reading, have a great week! 

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